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Made with love in Lutsen, Minnesota




Pure maple syrup is made from the sap of maple trees. Only trees that are 10 inches or more in diameter are tapped. During harvest time, thousands of gallons of sap can be boiled down in a day. Each day of harvest brings a slight variation in flavor and color. Early in the season, powerful sap flows, trend to produce syrup golden in color (light amber) with only a hint of maple taste. Later in the season, when day temperatures are warmer and the sap flow is reduced, a medium to dark amber with the characteristic maple flavor preferred by most consumers is produced.  When the nights are cold, water from the soil is absorbed into the maple tree.

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Michael and Carrie Baker (owners)

and their dog Arlo

We were frequent visitors to the North Shore. We loved the hiking, skiing and the beautiful lake Superior. In October of 2015, we were camping on the North Shore. When we woke up, the shore was engulfed in fog and a heavy feeling hung in the air. We had become disillusioned with our life in the cities. We had each been at our jobs for a long time and raised three children. We were ready for a change...  

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