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As we sat at the picnic table drinking our coffee, we asked ourselves what we would do if we could do whatever we wanted. At the time, both of us fell silent and could not answer the question. After sometime of silence, Michael suggested we take a ride up the road and get some maple syrup. We had been stopping up at Wild Country for quite a few years and always enjoyed the ride and the syrup. The ride was long and foggy and silent that day as we continued in our contemplations. As we approached the turn off to Wild Country, we saw a “for sale” sign. When we arrived at Wild Country, the “for sale” sign was at the house. We looked at each other and wondered if this was a sign. We talked about what it would be like to live on the North Shore and tried to envision it and then would start to laugh. We headed back to the cities and couldn’t get Wild Country off our minds. We decided that if we did not at least pursue it, we might regret it for a long time. We made the call to the realtor and after many months, the home and business became ours.


After a summer of training and a year of living on the land, things have not always been easy but well worth it! As the new owners of Wild Country Maple Products LLC, we are excited to continue the tradition of creating the best maple syrup the North Shore has to offer.

Michael and Carrie Baker


Step inside our sugar cabin 


Shop from a variety of maple syrup products


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